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calendar juan mora
2022 Calendar - Apenas Navegando (Barely Sailing)
17 in. x 9.5 in.

2022 Calendar Statement

The aftermath of the psychological and physical effects of covid are starting to fade away, but we are still living with uncertainty. As humans, we rely on our sense of hope for survival but not knowing what tomorrow will bring causes us to feel insecure. The world portrayed in this design represents a limbo of uncertainty.

Instagram video for meaning explanation


Description of symbology

The upper hand is controlling the boat which represents life. The hand on the bottom represents a force that drags you down, creating a negative energy.

The boat is a representation of life and is centered between the two hands which represent limbo and uncertainty to sail.

The heart floats above the water representing the need to survive.

The flames move to the right, representing advancement in life. They also depict energy which sprouts from the heart and nurtures a positive hope to stay afloat.

The water provides life but can also take it away based on the attention or negligence we give it.

The arrow is piercing the boat which is keeping it from sailing, and punctures through the wrist which represents the painful decisions we have to make in life.

The vertebrae represent a structure that is fragile and easy to collapse. There are three vertebrae bones which represent a superstition of three opportunities that we are given in life to make decisions. The branches represent thriving.

The lighthouse is placed at the front of the vertebrae branch and offers guidance. A rope is attached from the lighthouse to the upper hand which represents uplifting energy and optimism.

Cactus (Nopales)
There are two cacti. The one on the forehead which has a hole represents insecure thoughts. The other one, on the side of the ear, exposes the ear so advice can be heard.