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Nacimiento Leve / Mild Birth
Acrylic and Spray Paint
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The skull’s title is: Nacimiento Leve, which is Spanish for “Mild Birth”. This pieceemphasizes the birth of life and the struggles encountered. On one of the temples, a snake is portrayed as a symbol of sin, evil, and retroceding in life. In the opposite temple, the eagle symbolizes moving forward with a positive determination. This also represents the Aztec story ofthe eagle devouring the snake (where the Aztecs built their home: Tenochtitlan.) On the back, each wrestler is connected to these animals, representing the fight for existence and abundance of life. Both are facing the seed that transmits a middle-ground between forces and the sprout of a new era.

The roses in the eye sockets are a metaphor of death judging all our immoral decisions & actions. The red rose represents love and caring for another human being. In contrast, the purple rose signifies unempathetic decision-making and negativity. On the forehead, the corn symbolizes the harvest of a brighter future & opportunities. Overall, the skull is full of vibrant colors on which the living enjoys a harmonious life and celebrates the lives of the dead on their new journey.


The largest Day of the Dead celebration in the USA, SPIRITLANDIA will culminate in the 4th annual, star-studded, nighttime river parade: a dazzlingly lit after-dark extravaganza of colorful handcrafted barges floating on the picturesque San Antonio River along the River Walk. America’s first nationally televised, Day of the Dead event, the river parade will be broadcast as a one-hour television special streaming November 1st on Peacock, reaching both English- and Spanish-language stations throughout North America.

The urban art exhibition in San Antonio We celebrate the tradition of the Day of the Dead and art in all its manifestations! A sample of the Mexican imaginary that reflects the taste for a popular icon that is crossing borders!
Represented by monumental skulls, traditional and modern art come together in the hands of emerging and established artists of great recognition. These artists honor the victims of COVID-19 as well as other causes near and dear to their hearts.