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Lucha Libre Statement

Lucha libre (wrestling) originated in France in the 1830s. It was introduced to the United States in the early 1900s and then Mexico in 1933. United States, Japan, and Mexico have different lucha libre styles and luchadores (wrestlers). Lucha libre is a phenomenon in today’s popular culture because fans around the world can identify with wrestlers. Mexico’s lucha libre is unique due to the use of masks and treating the luchadores as folk heroes.
The mask is important for a luchador’s identity and career, disguising those luchadores that would like to remain anonymous.

The mask has an infinite number of designs and offers a unique identity, personality, and appearance that portrays the luchadores as either heroes or villains. This series of luchadores embrace the culture of the luchador’s bravado and traits, which makes them unique and mystical. Each luchador represents a human feeling, personality, and an alter ego that we can associate with. Some of them are portrayed in a surreal and ambiguous concept allowing the viewer to romanticize the meaning and intentions of the luchador. The various kinds of heroes and villains in lucha libre represent our thoughts through fantasies and personalities.