Juan de Dios Mora
Presumiendo la Bicicleta con Delantera de Guajolote  (Showing off the Bicycle with a Turkey Head Bumper)Paletero Desfilador (The Parade of the Popsicle Man )Montando a la Escoba Voladora (Riding the flying broom)Mira, ta’ que Vuela con Esas Pilas  (Look at that, looks like he’s going faster with those batteries)De Brinquito a Brinquito Hago Mi Caminito  (From one hop to another, I make my own path)
Con Todo y Tiliches Se Aventura a la Tierra Prometida (On board and headed to the promised land with everything and junk)Bien Arreglada (All decked out)Carruchas de Lujo (Luxurious Car)
Los Locos "Devices" (Series)
Series Narrative description

I portray characters interacting with devices and vehicles that hope to make their journey more pleasurable and accessible, using a surrealistic approach.

These devices are customized for a purpose; giving a sense that the device will fall apart. The structure and mechanism of the devices are made from various objects, which are portrayed as fancy and useful. The customizations of these devices are composed of hybrid cultures of the Mexican-American border. The devices will be decorated with traditional imagery, food, objects, materials, banners with sayings, etc.

The customized devices’ structure will portray a perception of ramshackle, decked out or shabby appearance. These devices are created to facilitate the daily life, duties, responsibilities, obligations, and entertaining events of the operators. The devices show the ingenuity and capability of the characters and their will to survive. The intention is to make a social comment on a culture that frequently has to rely on their surroundings to survive. Furthermore, the goal is to portray the symbolism of these devices, which means a lot to each character. Above all, the devices portray the freedom, hope and style of the crafty owners, which will last forever.